Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Time

Conversing with my mom on the phone.

Mom: What was that mascara you said you really liked?

Me: DiorShow

Mom: Where could I buy some?

Me: Sephora. I was going to get you a tube for Mothers' Day, but then I remembered the check you sent me for my bday bounced.

Mom: Yeah, that seems fair. 

Friday, May 15, 2009


I was hoping to kick things off with some wonderful blog post, but I lack the motivation to even wash my hair these days, so instead you'll just get some links to websites/blogs I visit daily. Ironically, these are all fashion blogs, but while I'm unemployed I don't give a sh*t about appearing professional and put together. If anything, these blogs make me realize I'm just a jeans/t-shirt person. But I love looking through them. Secretly I'm a clothes whore. 

This chick is a little crazy, but she looks good and I like the stories along with her outfits.

This one might be my fav. I love that there are 3 women with different tastes, who have jobs that dictate a certain style be maintained "at the office" (or campus, as their case may be).

A new one I recently found:

And some for the mens. And if I could pull off a three-piece suit and not suffocate, I totally would.