Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I fell off an elliptical machine today. You know, the machine in the gym where the platform moves so your feet don't have to? And there are poles on the sides for your arms to hold on to.

I'm icing my ankle to keep down the swelling.

That is all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things are good, things are bad. In short, it's all the same.

Since Sunday I've had a visitor of the 4-footed variety. I'm not too bothered by it, but Luna and Birdie are in near hysterics. That low rumbling you felt in the earth? Just attribute it to the constant spitting and growling that's happening my apartment.

The little kitty was found on the Monon Trail, screaming in a tree. She was rescued by a passing biker, and promptly placed in my arms, I guess because I had been standing there talking to her. (Yes, that's right, talking to her. I'm sure the cat was screaming in her own language, "Woman, what the f**k? Get me out of the tree and then we can have a conversation.")

The amazing thing was not only did the cat not scratch the guy who pulled her down, she immediately curled up as I held her and started purring. I was with a friend (of the male variety, and I cannot believe he is still willing to take me out for dinners after seeing me converse with a screaming tree cat) who drove us home, and the cat sat very comfortably in my lap.

I tried, for about 3 hours, to leave the cat in my car while I figured out what to do. It being Sunday didn't leave many options, so eventually she gained admittance. She walked bossily through my apartment, and didn't seem fazed by the commotion she caused.

I've worked it out where she stays in the bedroom, and Birdie and Luna get the living room. Not that it matters, because Birdie has been firmly in place on top of the fridge since Sunday, while Luna has taken up residence behind my potted tree.

I'll give Roger (current name of kitty given before the sex was verified by a vet) credit - not only is she unfazed but their hate, she seems to be breaking them down. She's started with Birdie - probably the easier mark of the two. She's been stalking Bird all through the house - when Birdie is brave enough to venture down from the fridge. She'll slink slowly behind B, who will turn around, see Roger, and then hiss. Then B will walk on and Roger will continue the hunt.

This morning I saw Roger lying on the ground several safe feet away from Luna, but I am a little worried the Chipmunk Murder may strike when I'm not looking.

I've posted ads on Craigslist and in the local paper, as well as put fliers up in the neighborhood she was found. I've only received one response from someone who isn't her owner, but who is interested. Which already has me a bit paranoid. I don't want Roger living with just anyone. You know, I'm concerned about the welfare of this cat. That's all.

Which is why, this afternoon, when I came home and realized the bedroom door was open, I had a freakin heart attack. I raced back there, and ran smack into Birdie and Roger sniffing tails. Until they saw me. Then Bird put on a little growl show for my benefit. I couldn't believe that Roger was still alive given that she and Luna could have crossed paths while I wasn't around.

But Miss L was stretched out on the bed, looking delighted to be there instead of behind the tree. Five minutes later, Roger was on the corner of the bed, patiently lying down and staring at Luna, who let out a warning growl and went back to grooming. Five more minutes and both cats were busy working on their respective backsides, with no mind given to the other.

So who knows. They may not kill eat other, but I can't have 3 cats in an apartment (in theory). The thought of giving her away to a stranger isn't nice, so I think I'm going to start looking for a friend in need of a little furry friend.

And in case you're wondering, the little shit looks like a miniature version of Birdie.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things that make you

My three faithful readers have gotten hostile, and since I am concerned for my safety, I will blog to shut you up. I do appreciate the demands, though.

I'm still in a depressed panic about not having a job. Unemployment is getting ready to run out, and I feel completely worthless. Because of my sitiuation, I've been slightly obsessed with the idea of "going off the grid;" people who do not work and choose a simplier life. Of course this is all fun and good to read about, until the fall fashion magazines start arriving in my mailbox.

Which, by the way, is driving me INSANE, because fall is the favorite fashion season of any red-blooded woman out there. Not only do I not have money to splurge on lovely new clothes, I have nowhere to wear them, which is killing me. KILLING ME. I've started dressing up just to put gas in my car.

It's always that way. When I had a job that required me to wear a suit, I looked like shit the rest of the time, and refused to even dress up for parties. And when I had a job where I could work from home, I started dressing up to go to McDonald's.

I have bigger issues than that at the moment, such as whether or not I can get a job in time to renew the lease on my apartment. After a big depression about 3 years ago that resulted in my moving in with roommates for a year, I've found a nice balance once again of having friends and living by myself. I've learned I'm happiest when it's just me and the cats, but I also learned that living with roommates is a hell of a lot cheaper, although it does give my cats a few nervous tics.

EDIT: Here's one of the blogs I'm reading of a man living "off the grid." I believe he uses public libraries to do his blog postings. Whether you agree with him or think he's insane, you can't deny he definitely can make you think. Ok, so he makes me think.